Belgrade International Workshop + Chekhov Fest 2019

This was the first year when Belgrade International Workshop + Chekhov Fest was organized. The program of the event was focused on the art and acting technique of Michael Chekhov, the well-known Russian actor, and acting teacher. The main organizer of the festival, Mara Radulović had selected colorful events for the week and organized an extremely high-quality professional forum to Belgrade, Serbia. During the one week long workshop the participants had a chance to gain an insight into the fundamental elements of the Chekhov Technique. The teaching ensemble had been gathered from all around the world: Gretchen Egolf (U.K./U.S.), Andrew Hawkins (U.K.), Elena Kuzina (Russia), Suzana Nikolić (Croatia), Mara Radulović (Serbia/U.K.), Gianluca Reggiani (Italy), Peter Tedeschi (U.S.), Anne Towns (U.S.). The organizers had established an annual award which had been presented to Joanna Merlin, who deserves great credit for helping to spread Michael Chekhov’s work around the world. The participants were able to join different programs besides the workshops like watching performances and short-films and or gathering for professional discussions. Please visit the website for further information:

Thanks very much to the organizers for offering me an intern position, to the teachers for the wonderful courses and to the colleagues for having a great time, work and fun together.


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