Theatrical Bridge: The Art and Actor Training Method of Tadashi Suzuki From a Hungarian Perspective, in Symbolon Volume XVII. no. 31., 2018, Tirgu-Mures, 104-111.

A Suzuki-módszer hazai, felsőoktatási integrálásának elképzelése [The Integration of the Suzuki Method to National Higher Education] in Symbolon Volume XIX, 2018, 109-128.

A rendszeres tréningben hiszek [I believe in the regular training],2017/7. In Színház L.7., 75–80,

„Az előadás akkor veszi kezdetét” – [“A performance begins when”] in Játéktér, 2016/3, V./3, 25-31.  (in Hungarian),

26 Setkání /ENCOUNTER Festival di Brno, 2016. In: Sipario, (in Italian)

“I am ready to disclaim my opinion, even of yesterday, even of 10 minutes ago, because all opinions are relative. One lives in a field of influences, one is influenced by everyone one meets, everything is an exchange of influences, all opinions are derivative.”

Peter Brook

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