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New publication in English

I’m really excited to share that my first English paper has just been published by Symbolon based on the content of my presentation on the Vanishing Points in the Theatre Conference in 2016. Thanks for the editors and collaborators. The title of the paper is Theatrical Bridge: The Art and Actor Training Method of Tadashi Suzuki From a Hungarian Perspective. You can find the whole content HERE.

SITI Morning Studio

It is a great pleasure for me to announce that I will participate in the Morning Studio Program at the SITI Company, New York City. During the 8 weeks workshop we will study and practice Viewpoints technique and Suzuki Method of Actor Training together with the participants of the Conservatory Program and the artists of the SITI Company.

Two different perspectives about my workshops

It is my pleasure to share with you that Izolda Péter had published a review in the Játéktér [Playground] about my last workshop in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Thanks a lot for the author and for the newspaper also! The review is in Hungarian, but maybe you have a Hungarian mate who can translate or at least Google translate is also your friend. Let’s read!

If it is still not enough for you, you can read a previous review written by Esztella Levko on the prae.hu.

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“We always project into the future or reflect in the past, but we are so little in the present.”

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